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March 7, 2018
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When they aren’t wearing trainers (or something fancier plucked from the stash under one’s desk for the evening), London girls can currently be found pounding the pavements in a range of different sandal styles. We know that because we spend our days staring at outfits on our way to and from work. However, we also have a photographer combing the pavements each and every month to bring you the freshest London street style.

It would appear that comfort is the name of the game this summer, and designers and brands now cater to our city girls’ requirements. Low heels are everywhere, and flats are better than ever. Even the most sensible, super-cushioned hiking styles have climbed up the ranks of style. It’s a good time for everyone’s feet, and I’ve noticed the women in our fair capital are really making the most of it. So long, Kardashian-loved PVC stilettos! Buh-bye, painful Middleton-style court shoes! We’re all about the (high-fashion) orthopaedics now, and our podiatrists are thrilled.

So what are the key sandal styles that stand out right now? I’ve noticed the following footwear trends on the hippest feet and streets of London, which means they’re bound to be happening anywhere else in the UK where well-dressed women congregate. Keep scrolling to see the most hyped-up shoes, and then shop some of the best iterations for yourself.

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